Yarding: 513

Meat goats at today’s quarterly Dubbo goat sale were at least $5 to $10 dearer, with a little over 500 head penned.
The market received strong restocker support among feedlotters and particularly graziers, who were vying for nannies.

Kid goats ranged in price from $50 to $120 to average $85 while young Boer wethers sold from $100 to $180 and extra-heavy Boer wethers selling from $150 to $300.

Bush billies made from $100 with a special rare offering of several larger, older billies fetching $295.

Bulk of the nannies sold from $150 to $290, with one pen of Boer nannies made $350/hd. Bush nannies sold from $65 to $130.

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