Yarding: 12,904

It was a good quality yarding with good numbers of very well finished heavy weight lambs throughout.
There was only a very limited selection of trade weight lambs and there were not the numbers of Merino lambs compared to the previous sale however White Dorpers and exotics were well supplied.
A full field of buyers were in attendance and operating.
Trade lambs were firm to $2 dearer with the few new season lambs selling from $160 to $203/head. Trade weight shorn lambs sold from $160 to $204/head to average from 815c to 850c/kg cwt.
Heavy weight lambs were firm to $4 dearer with the 24 to 30kg lambs selling from $195 to $266 while the lambs over 30kg made from $240 to $283/head to average from 800c to 825c/kg cwt.
Merino lambs were $5 to $8 dearer with the trade weights selling from $150 to $185 while a couple of pens of heavy weight Merino lambs sold for $195 and $207/head.
Lambs to the restockers were $3 dearer selling from $124 to $165/head. Hoggets sold to $205/head.
There were some very good sheep yarded along with larger numbers of plainer types in a yarding of 3,480 mutton. The light and medium weight sheep were $3 to $7 cheaper and the better heavier weights were up to $15/head cheaper.
Merino ewes sold from $92 to $205 while the crossbred ewes sold from $126 to $206/head. Merino wethers sold from $82 to $195/head. The restockers paid from $178 to $250 for White Dorper ewes and from $123 to $189/head for Merino ewes.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia.)

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