A quality line of Charolais and Charolais/Red Angus-cross females will be offered at this Friday’s store cattle sale at Dubbo saleyards.

The draft will be offered by PT Lord Dakin and Associates, on behalf of Romani Partnership, “Romani”, Bourke.

They are offered as a result of the dry conditions.

A/c Romani P/Ship – “Romani” Bourke.
70x Charolais & Charolais Red Angus cross cows, 5-9 years, attractive breeders, in strong store condition, PTIC to Red Angus bulls to calve from August on – full results at sale.
60x Charbray cows, 5-7 years, attractive quality, paddocked with Red Angus bulls, to calve from August on, preg testing results at sale.

For further information, please contact the office of PT Lord Dakin and Associates.








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