Yarding: 1744

It was a better quality yarding with not the numbers of plainer quality Bos Indicus cattle compared to previous sales.
There was a good selection of young cattle to suit the feeders and processors along with fair numbers of grown steers and heifers.
Limited numbers of cows were yarded. Included in the yarding was a large consignment of milk, two and four tooth Jersey steers sourced from the Warren district.
Young cattle to the trade were around firm with prime vealers selling from 436c to 498c/kg.
Prime steer yearlings sold from 400c to 488c while the prime heifer yearlings sold to 486c/kg. Feeder steers and heifers were up to 12c dearer and more in places. Feeder steers sold from 388c to 488c while the feeder heifers sold from 356c to 476c/kg.
Young cattle to the restockers were dearer with the young steers selling from 472c to 592c while the young restocker heifers sold to 600c/kg.
Grown steers and heifers were 9c to 13c/kg dearer with the prime grown steers selling from 345c to 411c/kg.
The Jersey steers yarded sold to the feeders ranging in price from 240c to 298c/kg.
Prime grown heifers sold from 320c to 399c/kg. Cows were 3c to 5c dearer with the 2 and 3 scores selling from 260c to 300c/kg.
Prime heavy weight cows sold from 292c to 320c to average 311c/kg.
Heavy bulls were dearer selling to 330c/kg.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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