Yarding: 344

Quality was mixed and ranged from good to plain for the weaners, PTIC heifers and the cow and calf units offered. Some of the cows and younger cattle were average quality Bos Indicus and Bos Indicus cross. The crowd was made up of mostly local agents and restocker buyers providing some spirited competition. Weaner steers sold firm with the weaner heifers easier on last sale with the drop in quality a factor.

The few PTIC Angus heifers were slightly cheaper. The Bos Indicus yearling heifers and the limited supply of cows and calves sold similar on average.
Light weight Angus steer weaners sold from $910 to $1,390/head and ranged from mostly 694c to 760c/kg. The better quality Angus weaners made from $1,100 to $1,440/head to average from 600c to 614c/kg. The light weight heifer weaners sold from $805 to $1,090 to average 586c, with the above 200kg pens selling from $900 to $1,280/head as they averaged 475c/kg.

The limited number of average quality yearling steers sold from $1,000 to $1,200/head. Yearling heifers were made up of mostly Bos Indicus cross, selling from $760 to $1,000/head, averaging 316c/kg. There were a couple of pens of well bred Angus yearling heifers that sold from $1,360 to $1,400/head to average 403c/kg. Three European cross heifers reached a price of $1,130/head.

A single pen of Angus heifers, PTIC sold to $2,160/head.

The best pens of the cows and calves were young Santa Gertrudis cows with calves at foot, they sold from $2,100 to $3,200/head. Other cow and calf units included Bos Indicus cross with 2 month old and under calves, which had been back to an Angus bull, they sold from $1,490 to $1,700/head.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia.)

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