Numbers continue to rise at Dubbo prime cattle sales each week as dry seasonal conditions put more pressure on producers.

Dubbo’s weekly cattle sale, held on Thursday March 15, saw an increase of almost 1500 head from the week before.

The sale offered more than 7000 cattle, the largest yarding so far in 2018.

Larger numbers of drought-effected cattle had an impact on prices, with the sale trending cheaper overall.

Prices were up to 20c/kg cheaper, with young cattle to restockers taking the biggest hit.

Vealers sold to 301c/kg while prime yearlings sold to 290c/kg.

Feeder steers were 4 to 9c/kg cheaper, selling from 270c/kg to 310c/kg, while feeder heifers saw as much as 19c/kg decrease, selling from 246c/kg to 285c/kg.

Young steers to restockers sold to 363c/kg while the heifer runs sold up to 300c/kg.

Grown steers and heifers sold 280c/kg and 256c/kg, respectively.

Processors paid up to 181c/kg for two-score cows, while restockers paid up to 204c/kg.

The better three and four-score cows averaged 211c/kg for the heavy weights.

Bulls sold to 260c/kg.

Full report can be foundĀ here.

Source: Meat and Livestock Australia


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