Yarding: 345

Numbers were back considerably on the pre Christmas sales which is a real indication of just how difficult it is to source numbers of cattle.
It was a mixed yarding with some good quality steer and heifer weaners along with some plainer quality Bos Indicus weaners.
There were a few pens of good quality cows and calves along with a couple of pens of outstanding PTIC cows.
There was also the one pen of top Quality PTIC heifers.
The better quality weaners sold to very strong competition and were dearer.
The plainer quality weaners struggled to hold their ground selling at a little cheaper rates compared to the physical sales.
Steer weaners sold from $900 for Bos Indicus cross calves to $1,580/head for good quality Angus steers.
The better quality calves made from 590c to 700c while the plainer lines sold from 370c to 500c/kg.
The heifer weaners sold from $650 to $1,400 while heifer yearlings sold from $800 for plain conditioned Herefords to $1,000/head for a single Angus heifer.
A single pen of top quality Brangus heifers PTIC sold for $2,420/head.
The cow and cow and calf markets were dearer. The best of the cows and calves was a single Murray Grey unit which sold for $2,800 while the balance sold from $1,180 for very small Droughtmaster heifers with calves to $2,720/unit for good quality Charolais units.
A pen of outstanding Angus cows PTIC sold for $2,325 while a single PTIC Shorthorn cow sold for $2,280/head.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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