Yarding: 1766

It was a mostly good quality yarding with good numbers of yearlings to suit the feeders and processors along with a good selection of well finished grown steers and heifers. There was also fair numbers of plainer quality crossbred cattle and the was a reasonable selection of cows.
Most of the regular buyers were in attendance and operating.
Young cattle to the trade were 15c cheaper with quality a factor. Vealers sold to 420c while the prime steer yearlings sold from 374c to 425c/kg.
The prime heifer yearlings sold from 360c to 440c/kg. Feeder cattle were 6c to 12c/kg dearer and more in places. Feeder steers sold from 400c to 474c while the feeder heifers made from 371c to 466c/kg.
Young cattle to the restockers remain strong with young steers selling to 640c while the young heifers sold to 488c/kg.
Steer yearlings to the restockers and backgrounders sold from 416c to 561c/kg.
Grown steers and heifers were 6c to 11c cheaper with the grown steers selling from 324c to 378c/kg.
The prime grown heifers sold from 323c to 370c/kg.
Plainer conditioned cows were up to 20c dearer while the prime heavy weights were 10c/kg dearer. The 2 and 3 score cows sold from 260c to 289c/kg. The prime heavy weight cows made from 290c to 318c to average 304c/kg.
Heavy bulls sold to 300c/kg.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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