Cows and calves sell to $3200

DUBBO STORE CATTLE REPORT 21/05/21 Yarding: 344 Quality was mixed and ranged from good to plain for the weaners, PTIC heifers and the cow and calf units offered. Some of the cows and younger cattle were average quality Bos Indicus and Bos Indicus cross. The crowd was made up of mostly local agents and restocker […]

Feeder cattle 12c dearer

PRIME CATTLE REPORT 13/05/2021 Yarding: 1744 It was a better quality yarding with not the numbers of plainer quality Bos Indicus cattle compared to previous sales. There was a good selection of young cattle to suit the feeders and processors along with fair numbers of grown steers and heifers. Limited numbers of cows were yarded. […]

Trade cattle up 6c

PRIME CATTLE REPORT 06/05/21 Yarding: 1140 Following at least 20mm of rain in most districts numbers halved. It was only a fair quality yarding a large percentage of plainer quality Bos Indicus cross cattle mixed throughout. There were odd pens of ideal feeder cattle and only limited numbers of trade cattle and cows. There was […]

Heavy lambs to $280 top

PRIME SHEEP REPORT 03/05/21 Yarding: 16,475 With the run of frosts and the continuing dry conditions numbers lifted by 3245. Once again there were some outstanding heavy weight lambs yarded along with only odd pens of neat trade lambs. There were some fair runs of Merino lambs along with some well finished exotic lambs. The […]