Warren Skinner, “Deloraine”, Narromine and the second cross lambs he sold at the Dubbo Regional Livestock Market for $210/head.

Big yarding at Dubbo sheep sale
March 5, 2018

More than 32,000 sheep and lambs were yarded at today’s sale, with a good selection of heavy weight lambs, light weight Merinos and White Dorpers represented.

Sale prices were $2 to $12/head cheaper across most categories.

Lightweight lambs (12-18kg/2 scores) sold between $68 to $115/head, while the 3 score/18-23kg lambs sold from $112 to $155/head.
Heavy weight lambs over 22kg/4 score sold from $140 to $220/head.

Merino lambs were firm, selling from $100 to $140/head. Hoggets sold to $137/head.

Light weight mutton were cheaper with 2-score ewes selling from $52 to $84/head. The better 3- and 4-score crossbreds made up to $162 and up to $160 for Merinos.

Merino wethers made to $158/head while full wool Merino ewes made from $82 to $97/head.

A pen of second crosses lambs from Warren Skinner, “Deloraine”, Narromine made $210/head.
They are the last of the March/April-drop second cross lambs from the family’s first cross ewes flock, which they breed themselves.
“We started selling these before Christmas and these are the tail enders,” Warren (pictured below) said. The lambs had been on lucerne with access to lick feeders.
“It’s gone very dry,” he said. “We were in a favored area compared to north of Dubbo and Narromine but it’s dried off recently.”
The Skinner family run 3500 to 4000, mostly Merino, ewes depending on the season and also maintain 1000 first cross ewes.

Full MLA market report can be found here.

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