Yarding: 25,065

It was a very good quality yarding with some outstanding runs of heavy weight lambs and only limited numbers of ideal trade weight lambs.
There were around 600 new season lambs yarded along with good numbers of Merino lambs though the quality of the Merinos was back. A full field of buyers were in attendance and operating.
The few trade lambs were $12 dearer selling from $170 to $258/head to average between 920c and 1000c/kg cwt. Trade weight new season lambs sold from $185 to $228/head.
Merino lambs were up to $14 dearer with the trade weights selling from $150 to $213 while the heavy weight Merinos over 24kg sold from $195 to $257/head. Light weight lambs to the restockers sold from $137 to $146 while a pen of first cross ewe lambs sold to the restockers for $240/head.
Heavy weight lambs were $20 dearer with the 24 to 30kg lambs selling from $221 to $289/head. Lambs over 30kg sold from $266 to $320/head to average 880c/kg cwt. Hoggets sold to $241/head.
Most grades were represented in a pretty good quality yarding of mutton where most grades were $10 to $15/head dearer.
Merino ewes sold from $113 to $238 while crossbred ewes sold from $135 to $250/head.
Merino wethers sold from $132 to $256 while exotic wethers sold to $240/head.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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