$320 top in larger yarding

PRIME SHEEP SALE 26/07/21 Yarding: 25,065 It was a very good quality yarding with some outstanding runs of heavy weight lambs and only limited numbers of ideal trade weight lambs. There were around 600 new season lambs yarded along with good numbers of Merino lambs though the quality of the Merinos was back. A full […]

New centre record as cows hit 387c/kg

PRIME CATTLE REPORT 22/07/21 Yarding: 1780 Numbers were back considerably on the expected draw. It was a mixed yarding with limited numbers of ideal trade and feeder cattle yarded.There were good numbers of Bos Indicus yearlings along with a pretty good selection of grown steers and heifers and cows. Most of the usual buyers were […]

PTIC cows to $2880

STORE CATTLE REPORT 02/07/21 Yarding: 1410 It was a good quality yarding with a top selection of quality weaners along with some good PTIC cows and there were a few pens of quality cows and calves. Dispersed in the yarding was the Wyana Pastoral Company‚Äôs Charolais herd from Mendooran which consisted of their Charolais steer […]