It took a “pretty fair lamb” to make $200 at Monday’s weekly sheep and lamb market at Dubbo, according to local agent Peter Thomas, Landmark Milling Thomas, Dubbo.

In this fortnight’s market update, Mr Thomas said they were seeing “extremes” in the market.

“The better end of the lambs are still coming through with condition which is selling okay,” he said. “We are seeing a fair percentage of plainer stock coming through.”

“More so in the sheep end, a lot of those older ewes are showing less condition now and there is plenty of sheep still making $20 to $40.”

On the other end of the scale, he said the top end of the sheep were making $170 to $180 with skin.

“We will see less and less numbers through the yards. There has been a fair percentage sold so far.”

Mr Thomas said they expected to see yarding stay around 18,000 lambs and 7000 to 8000 sheep for a good while coming through the winter.

In the cattle market, Mr Thomas said they were seeing numbers slow down.

At yesterday’s prime cattle market, the 4000 head yarding was the quietest yarding they had seen for about six weeks.

“We are seeinga lot less come from the back country like Bourke and Broken HIll areas,” he said. “The dry is really starting to encroach on local vendors as well so we are seeing a lot more lighter cattle coming through from the local area.”

“There’s a lot of fat stock here as well. A lot of heavy bullocks that topped at 282c/kg so far and the best of yearlings are still around 290c/kg.”

“They’re is still plenty of plain cows coming through for 50 to 80c and weaners for 160 to 230c/kg.”

“If you’re prepared to take a bit of a punt, there’s a bob there if you’re prepared to look after them.”

In the store cattle market, Mr Thomas said they were seeing reduced yardings with about 1000 head yarding at last Friday’s sale.

“We yarded mainly weaners, they’re aren’t many cows and calves to speak of,” he said. “Cows got to over $1200 for cows with big calves and back in calf again.”

“Weaner steers were selling from $400 to $700/head and heifers from $250 to $500/head.”


Watch the full video report here.

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