Yarding: 9041

With the focus on harvest, numbers almost halved.
It was a much plainer quality yarding though there was still a few lines of outstanding
heavy weight lambs and only odd pens of trade weights.
A fair percentage were lighter Merinos and White Dorpers in from the west.
Trade weight lambs finished firm to $5 dearer with the new season lambs selling from $142 to $189/head to average from 765c to 810c/kg cwt. Trade weight old lambs sold from $162 to $190/head.
Heavy weight lambs were up to $8 dearer with the old lambs over 24kg selling from $188 to $269/head to average 770c/kg cwt. The few heavy weight new season lambs over 24kg sold from $190 to $210/head.
Merino lambs were firm to $4 dearer with the trade weights selling from $142 to $182 while heavy weight Merinos sold from $198 to $224/head.
Young new season lambs to the restockers sold from $115 to $155 while young Merino lambs going back to the paddock sold from $81 to $94/head.
Hoggets sold to $210/head.
It was a mostly good quality yarding of mutton where the medium weight sheep were $5 dearer and the heavy weight sheep were $10 cheaper.
Merino ewes sold from $107 to $220 while crossbred ewes sold from $144 to $214/head. Merino wethers sold from $130 to $230 while very heavy crossbred wethers sold to $250/head.
Most of the better sheep made from 640c to 690c/kg cwt.
The restockers paid to $175 for shorn Merino ewes and from $112 to $141/head for Merino wethers.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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