Yarding: 890

This month’s store cattle sale produced a pretty good quality yarding. There was a good selection of steers and heifers which included the annual selloff of the good quality Angus cattle off Hampshire Downs Station from Merriwa, along with the exceptionally good quality Hereford steers off local property “Corrodgery”.

There was also some useful pens of cows and calves along with some good quality PTIC cows and dry cows.
In line with the physical markets, the market was cheaper compared to a month ago.

Steer weaners sold from $85 for very light Santa Gertrudis calves to $830/head for the good quality Hereford steers off Corrodgery.
The best of the Angus steer weaners off Hampshire Downs sold for $730/head. S
teer yearlings sold from $200 for Friesians to $880/head for some older Angus steers off Hampshire downs.
The Heifer weaners were also cheaper selling from $100 for young Hereford calves to $600 for a single Murray Grey while good quality Hereford heifer weaners sold for $575/head.
The heifer yearlings sold from $310 for plain crossbreds to $650/head for a pen of Angus heifers off Hampshire Downs.
The best of the cows and calves were a small pen of good quality Angus units which sold for $1100/unit.
The balance of the cows and calves sold from $360 for a very small Hereford cross unit to $1025/head for fair quality Herefords.
A single pen of good quality Angus cows PTIC sold for $850 while dry cows sold from $430 to $810/head.

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