Yarding: 730

Numbers significantly increased at today’s store cattle sale, where pens sold to similar rates to regular markets.

The steer weaners sold from $210/head for very young Charolais calves.
Well grown Santa Gertrudis Angus cross steers made up to $660/head.
The steer weaners averaged to $400 or 195c/kg while steer yearlings sold from $640 to $850 to average $765/head.

The heifer weaners sold from $250/head for young Santa Gertrudis calves.
Good quality Shorthorns sold up to $580/head. The heifer weaners averaged $400/head, or 181c/kg.
Droughtmaster heifer yearlings sold for $660 while a pen of Shorthorn heifer yearlings sold for $655/head.

A line of good quality mixed age Angus cows and calves sold for $1,090 while the balance of the cows and calves which were all in plain condition sold from $500 to $750/unit.
Three pens of good framed dry cows in store condition sold from $600 to $710/head.

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