Yarding: 2401

It was another mixed yarding with a good selection of young cattle to suit the processors and feeders.
There were good numbers of grown steers and heifers along with a fair percentage of plainer quality Bos Indicus cattle originally from WA or the Northern Territory.
There were fair numbers of cows yarded.
Young cattle to the trade were firm to 5c dearer with prime vealers selling to 439c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold from 370c to 435c while the prime heifer yearlings sold to 413c/kg.
Feeder cattle were 9c to 11c cheaper with the feeder steers selling from 359c to 438c while the feeder heifers sold from 376c to 418c/kg. Yearlings to the restockers and feeders were up to 15c easier with the steers selling from 404c to 463c while the restocker heifer yearlings sold from 350c to 428c/kg.
Steer weaners to the restockers sold to 600c/kg. Grown steers were 8c cheaper while the grown heifers were up to 20c/kg cheaper. Prime grown steers sold from 315c to 356c while the grown heifers sold from 290c to 350c/kg.
Cows were 7c cheaper with the 2 and 3 scores selling from 230c to 275c/kg.
The prime heavy weight cows sold from 274c to 292c to average 285c/kg.
Bulls were cheaper selling to 285c/kg.

  1. (Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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