Yarding: 2028

With the good falls of rain throughout the week and with the focus on harvest numbers were back by 910.
It was a mixed yarding with a good selection of prime cattle in all sections along with a good consignment of Brahman cross cows with their weaner calves.
A full field of buyers were operating including additional restocker support.
Young cattle to the trade were firm to 3c dearer with prime vealers selling to 446c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold from 384c to 442c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 375c to 449c/kg.
Feeder cattle were up to 12c dearer with the feeder steers selling from 386c to 453c while
the feeder heifers sold from 378c to 434c/kg. Young cattle to the restockers were up to 20c dearer with the young steers selling from 429c to 645c while the young restocker heifers sold from 428c to 725c/kg.
The Brahman weaners sold as mixed sexes for 602c/kg.
Steer yearlings sold to the backgrounder from 380c to 551c while the heifer yearlings sold to the restockers from 360c to 491c/kg.
Grown steers and heifers were 13c to 16c dearer with the prime steers selling from 340c to 401c while the grown heifers sold from 324c to 381c/kg.
Secondary cows were up to 10c dearer while the prime heavy weight cows were firm. Whilst 2 and 3 score cows sold from 255c to 307c/kg.
Prime heavy weight cows sold from 295c to 320c to average 308c/kg.
Bulls sold to 344c/kg.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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