Yarding: 14,157

Numbers declined again at yesterday’s market, where less than 15,000 head were yarded.
Light weight Merino lambs and light weight White Dorpers made up a fair percentage of the offering.
Light weight lambs to the processors were firm to $3 dearer, selling from $88 to $158/head.
Trade lambs were $10 dearer with the new season lambs selling from $166 to $195/head.
Trade weight old lambs sold from $160 to $210/head.
Heavy weight lambs were $15 dearer with the over 24kg pens selling from $210 to $237/head.
Merino lambs were up to $12 dearer with the trade weights selling from $135 to $175/head. Restocker lambs were $6 to $9 dearer with the young new season lambs selling from $76 to $116/head.
Young Merino lambs to the restockers sold from $45 to $68/head. Hoggets sold to $189/head.
Most grades were represented in a mixed yarding of mutton. Light weight sheep were $5 to $9 dearer while the better heavy weight sheep were up to $20/head dearer.
Light ewes sold from $50 to $116, while the better 3 and 4 scores sold from $109 to $190 for Merinos and $159/head for crossbreds. Merino wethers sold to $188/head.

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