Yarding: 6,011

Grown steers and heifers were in greater supplier at yesterday’s market compared to previous weeks and also traded dearer, by as much as 20c/kg.

The bulk of the yarding was made up of weaners and yearlings, with large numbers of cows also.

Young cattle to the trade were firm to 5c cheaper, with vealers selling to 320c, while the prime steer yearlings sold to 336c/kg for steers and 317c/kg for heifers.

Feeder steers were from 15c to 18c cheaper, while restocker cattle were up to 30c/kg cheaper.

Grown steers and heifers were up to 20c dearer, with the prime medium and heavy weight steers selling from 282c to 345c, while the grown heifers sold from 268c to 323c/kg.

Cows were from 6c to 8c/kg dearer, with strong interest from processors in the PTIC cows.
The two-score cows sold from 159c to 227c, while the prime heavy weights averaged 258c/kg.
Bulls sold to 288c/kg.

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