Yarding: 1419

With up to 40mm of rain overnight and yesterday afternoon numbers were back on the expected draw.
It was a mixed yarding with good numbers of very well finished yearlings once again sourced from a southern feedlot along with fair number to suit the feeders.
Cows and grown steers were in limited supply and there were no grown heifers.
Young steers to the trade were 6c/kg dearer while the heifers were firm. The prime yearling steers sold from 360c to 407c while the prime
heifer yearlings sold from 331c also to 407c/kg.
Feeder steers were up to 15c/kg cheaper while the feeder heifers were around firm.
The feeder steers sold from 348c to 414c while the feeder heifers sold from 320c to 411c/kg. Young restocker cattle were up to 25c cheaper on quality with the young steers selling from 266c to 492c, while the young restocker heifers sold from 239c to 434c/kg.
Prime grown steers were up to 15c/kg cheaper with quality a factor.
The prime medium and heavy weights sold from 298c to 333c/kg.
Cows were up to 15c cheaper with the 2 scores selling from 226c to 267c, while the better 3 and 4 scores sold from 252c to 275c/kg. Bulls sold to 290c/kg.

(Article: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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