Yarding: 17,757

Numbers were back by 870 for the last sale for the year. It was a mostly plain quality yarding with a large percentage of the yarding made up of very young lambs, all being sold prematurely due to the drought. There were odd pens of well finished trade weight new season lambs and old lambs mixed throughout and only a couple of pens of heavier weights.
Light weight lambs to the processors were $8 dearer with the 12-18kg 2 scores selling from $74 to $138/head. Trade weight lambs finished mostly firm. The trade weight new season lambs sold from $135 to $170/head to average from 680c to 725c/kg cwt.
Trade weight old lambs sold from $138 to $179/head. The few heavy weight lambs were firm with the new season lambs selling to $185 and the old lambs to $193/head.
Lambs to the restockers were firm to $4 dearer with the better lambs selling from $110 to $136, while the lighter younger lambs sold from $32 to $93/head.
Very young Merinos sold down to $20/head. Hoggets sold to $170/head.

There were some good sheep along with plenty of plain sheep in a mixed yarding of mutton where most grades were $15 to $28/head cheaper.
Merino ewes sold from $30 to $156, while the crossbred ewes sold from $55 to $166/hd.
Merino wethers sold to $160/hd.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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