Yarding: 8,281

Despite around over 20mm of overnight rain numbers lifted by 800.

It was a fair to good quality yarding with a good selection of both trade and heavy weight lambs throughout.
Most of the regular buyers were in attendance and operating.Light weight lambs to the processors were firm with the 12kg to 18kg 2 scores selling from $131 to $168/head.

Trade lambs were $ 3 to $5cheaper with the 18kg to 23kg 3 scores selling from $160 to $200/head.
Heavy weight lambs were firm to $4 dearer, with the over 24kg 4 scores selling from $204 to $240/head.
Merino lambs were firm with the heavy trade weights selling to $186/head. Restocker lambs were dearer selling from $109 to $188/head.
Hoggets sold to $170/head.

It was a very mixed yarding of mutton with very few decent size runs in all categories.
Most grades lost the previous weeks gains falling by $4 to $6/head.
Merino ewes sold from $91 to $180 while crossbred ewes sold from $160 to $205/head.
Merino wethers sold to $218/head.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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