Yarding: 2843

Nutrien Milling Thomas sold this pen of steers on behalf of the Smith family, “Teiyon Station”, Kulgera NT.
They made 489.2c/kg.

It was a much plainer quality yarding with a larger influence of Bos Indicus and crossbred cattle throughout. Included in the yarding was a large consignment of two and four tooth Angus steers and heifers lacking finish which had come off agistment.
There were still good numbers of properly finished cattle in all sections. Most of the regular buyers were in attendance and operating.
Young cattle to the trade were firm to 3c dearer with vealers selling to 440c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold from 380c to 446c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 360c to 439c/kg. Feeder cattle were firm to 3c/kg cheaper. Feeder steers sold from 380c to 450c while the feeder heifers sold from 368c to 426c/kg.
Young cattle to the restockers were cheaper with the young and heifers both making to a top of 640c/kg.
Grown steers were firm while the grown heifers were up to 15c/kg cheaper. The prime grown steers sold from 350c to 412c while the grown heifers sold from 320c to 375c/kg. Large numbers of grown steers to the restockers sold from 310c to 489c while the matching heifers to the restockers sold from 344c to 445c/kg.
Cows were firm with the 2 and 3 score cows to the processors selling from 265c to 300c while the prime heavy weight cows sold from 300c to 322c to average 312c/kg. Secondary cows to the restockers sold from 305c to 316c/kg.
Heavy bulls sold to 349c/kg.

(Article source: Meat & Livestock Australia)

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