Numbers halved on the previous store sale held in mid July, back to 700 head. Most categories were represented. Weaners were well supplied with limited numbers of yearlings. Quality was fair to good with condition showing some variation.
There was a good selection of Cow/calf units and a few PTIC Cows. The majority of the cows were crossbreds with few straight breeds on offer. The majority of the cows presented in forward condition and were doing a great job on the calves.
There was a large gallery of mostly localised buyers.
Very good seasonal conditions and a strong cattle market boosted confidence with buyers competing strongly on all lots. This resulted in
dearer market trends across the board.
Light weight weaners steers in strong demand sold from $795 to $1,195/head with the estimated live weight price exceeding 700c/kg on several occasions. The heavier steers in the 200 to 280kg range sold from $1,100 to $1,370/head.
There were strong gains for heifer weaners with light weights selling from $620 to $880 and the heavier weights from $920 to a top of
$1,240/head. The quality of the limited supply of yearlings was only fair, this did not detract from the strong market with all classes dearer,
taking quality into account.
Most of the PTIC cows fell into the light weight classes and sold from $1,140 to $1,380/head with the majority being crossbred with a Bos indicus influence.
Again the majority of the cows had some breed cross in them. Straight breeds in limited supply.
Demand was high with cows with calves under 2 months of age selling from $1,940 to $2,425. Cows with older calves at foot sold from $1,950 for Bos indicus cross up to $2,600 for British cross cows.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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