Yarding: 1208

It was a fair quality yarding with odd lots of prime young cattle along with a limited supply of feeders. There were reasonable numbers of cows and there was a better selection of grown steers yarded.
The usual field of buyers were in attendance and operating.
Young cattle to the trade were a little dearer with prime steer yearlings selling to 409c while the prime heifer yearlings sold to 400c/kg. The limited numbers of feeder cattle were 3c dearer with the feeder steers selling from 349c to 408c while the feeder heifers sold from 330c to 389c/kg.
There was very solid support for the young cattle going back to the paddock with young restocker steers selling to 596c while the young heifers sold to 546c/kg.
Prime grown steers were firm selling from 306c to 360c, while the grown heifers sold to 355c/kg. Secondary cows were firm to 5c dearer while the properly finished cows were 5c to 8c/kg dearer.
Secondary cows sold from 200c to 290c to the restockers and 276c/kg to the processors.
The better heavier weight cows sold from 288c to 306c/kg. Bulls sold to 270c/kg.

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