Vendor Mirjam Gwozdecky, Wellington (centre) sold this pen of eight month old Angus cross steers for $1380/hd at Dubbo’s store cattle sale on Friday. She is pictured with agents Phillip Morris (left) and John Hyland (right), both
Peter Milling and Company.


Yarding: 1060
The last Dubbo store cattle sale for 2020 attrached a fair quality yarding with a pretty good selection of Angus and European cross steer and heifer weaners along with some plainer Bos Indicus cross cattle sourced from the north and far west.
It was a much plainer quality yarding of cows and cows and calves. There was a good crowd on hand with most people keen to buy.
The steer and heifer weaners were $30 dearer with the steer weaners selling from $500 for very light and young Brahman cross calves to $1,400/head for good quality Hereford steers.
The better quality steer weaners sold from 600c to 725c with most selling at rates in excess of 600c/kg. The plainer quality calves sold from 400c to 530c/kg.
Steer yearlings sold from $1,120 to $1,400/head. The heifer weaners sold from $580 for young crossbred calves to $1,280 for very nice quality Hereford Angus cross heifers.
The better quality light weight heifer weaners sold from 550c to 675c while the plainer quality calves sold from 400c to 510c/kg. Heifer yearlings sold from $1,100 to $1,380 while a small pen of Friesian heifers PTIC sold for $1,060/head.
The best of the cows and calves were a pen of Charbray cows with good sized calves at foot. They sold for $2,190 while the balance of the cows and calves sold from $970 for very light crossbred units to $2,090 for Bos Indicus cross units in fresh condition.
A pen of Hereford Friesian cross cows PTIC sold for $1,825 while two other pens of PTIC cows sold for $930 and $1,420/head.

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