Yarding: 114
The first cattle sale for 2021 for Dubbo produced a very small yarding.
Heifer yearlings and grown heifers made up the bulk of the yarding along with a few steer yearlings, 9 cows and 3 bulls.
The bulk of the cattle were in good condition and most sold at rates equal to the pre Christmas rates.
Heifer yearlings to the trade sold from 380c to 410c while the heifer yearlings to the feeders sold from 367c also to 410c/kg.
A single pen of fair quality Angus steer yearlings sold to the feeders once again for 410c/kg. Two lots of grown steers sold to the processors for 330c and 332c/kg.
Nine grown heifers sold to the processors from 302c to 352c while the balance of the grown heifers sold to the feeders from 340c to 366c/kg.
A single pen of very well finished heavy weight cows sold to the processors for 285c while two heavy weight bulls sold for 260c/kg.
A lighter bull sold to the processors for 280c/kg.
(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia)

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