Yarding: 960

It was a mixed yarding with some good quality British bred steer and heifer weaners yarded along with fair numbers of Bos Indicus cross weaners.
There was also a fair consignment of dairy cross heifer weaners yarded along with an outstanding line up of PTIC cows and cows and calves.
There was a good crowd on hand with good support from local buyers as well as strong support from Central and Southern Tableland buyers.
The steer weaners were dearer selling from $775 for light Brahman calves to $1,430/head for good quality Charolais cross steers. The better bred calves averaged between 550c to well in excess of 600c/kg.
A few pens of steer yearlings sold from $1,000 to $1,620/head. The heifer weaners which were also dearer sold from $710 for light Brahmans to $1,310/head for good quality Angus calves.

The better heifer weaners averaged from 535c to 590c while the plainer quality types averaged from 305c to 430c/kg. The dairy cross heifers sold from $740 to $1,010/head. Heifer yearlings sold from $710 to $1,395/head.
In line with the stronger cow markets over the past few weeks the cows and cows and calves were considerably dearer. The best of the cows and calves were a line of very heavy Hereford cows with good calves at foot.
They sold for $3,040 while two Fresian cows and calves sold for $3,000/unit.
The balance of the cows and calves sold from $1,930 for light Fresian units to $2,900/head for top quality Angus units.
PTIC cows sold from $1,310 for light Herefords to $2,270/head for top quality Hereford cows in prime condition. Dry cows sold from $630 to $1,990/head depending on quality and weight.

(Article source: Meat and Livestock Australia).

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